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How is a refurbished product different than a new product?

Refurbished devices are pre-owned and our professionals perform a meticulous process of inspection, repair, and testing to ensure functionality and quality standards before they're made available. While new products are factory-fresh, refurbished ite

Which cosmetic condition should I choose?

Here's an overview of our available cosmetic grades:Excellent: Devices will show only extremely light signs of wear from handling.Great: Devices will show only minor signs of use on the screen and casing which may include light scratching and/or ding

Will my phone work internationally?

We test all our devices to US specifications. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that your device will work internationally. We recommend reaching out to your local wireless provider to make sure you have the right equipment for their service prior

Are accessories original?

All devices will be shipped with a power adapter, and watches will be shipped with matching watch bands. Accessories may not be original, but will be compatible with your device and fully functional.